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Decorative surfaces for 3-D textiles

Over the past few months everything has been online – online workshops, online talks and online meetings. It has been fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed working with people from Australia, United States, Canada and Europe. I think this will continue into the future and I am planning a new workshop for next autumn/winter.

However, there is definitely a feeling in the air that we will soon be able to meet up again in person and I am really looking forward to doing this. It will be wonderful to be able to interact with everyone face to face again.

Wax, paint, hand-stitch

The first workshop I have in my diary that is going to happen in person is at Christine Chester’s Studio 11 in Eastbourne, and it is an experimental four-day workshop that explores the construction and decoration of 3-dimensional forms.

The aim of the workshop is to explore materials that are able to stiffen cloth so that is will hold its shape, and to simultaneously use the properties of the material to decorate the cloth’s surface.

Wax, paint, hand-stitch

The workshop will start with paper manipulation to explore form and to get you into a 3-D frame of mind ……

Paper manipulation
Student work from a previous workshop – pleated form stiffened and decorated with wax and shoe polish

and then after making your own sketchbook we’ll wander along the beach documenting shapes and forms, and collecting objects to inspire your work.

Wax and found objects

You’ll use materials such as paint, handmade gesso and wax to stiffen, support and decorate cloth – and there will be a couple of surprising materials as well!

Hand-made gesso, found object
Wax, paint and hand-stitch

At the end of the workshop we’ll take all the work back to the beach and photograph it ‘in situ’.

Student work from a previous workshop photographed on the beach – folded forms stiffened and decorated with wax and shoe polish

If you are interested in this workshop a couple of spaces have recently become available.

The workshop runs from the 1-4 July 2021. I will lead you through all the techniques and processes and it is an opportunity for you to experiment, to think and to make with cloth and interesting materials. There will even be time to wander along the beach and to get a breath of fresh air! You can book the workshop through the Studio 11 website here.

Christine’s studio is all set up for social distancing and has all the expected Covid safety measures.