Ebb tide

Some brief musings on the ebb tide…

The beach is recreated each time the water flows out and what wasn’t there before becomes.

Draining water sculpts the sand into beach rivers.

Wave movements are recreated on the wet surface of the beach. A brief memory of where they were.

Sand that has been pushed in by the force of the water is pulled back again to reveal different contours.

The incoming tide brings things in, and the ebbing tide reveals them.

Buried things are uncovered and can be found.

Wrack line; tide line; strand line – remains are left high and dry.

This has happened twice a day since the earth began and will continue to happen for ever more. It’s good to have this certainty.

7 thoughts on “Ebb tide

  1. Kathy

    the sea is such a reminder of time passing isn’t it, along with rivers. I think it is the active nature of both, revealing and concealing, while we muddle along with our little lives. Thank you for the beauty


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