Stitched Paper Collage

One of the things I’ve been doing over lockdown is developing some new workshops.

The Stitched Paper Collage Workshop has only changed a little bit from its former version, but now instead having to lug a sewing machine to the venue your collage will be fully hand-stitched.

In the workshop you will …..

  • Make a small collage out of paper that is inspired by an object or a photograph of your choice 
  • Paint papers using interesting mark-making techniques
  • Hand-stitch the papers together
  • Decorate with more hand-stitching and other materials such as wire and metal 

and you will learn…..

  • How to mix colours to paint your paper
  • How to design the collage, looking particularly at shape and placement

The first Paper Collage Workshop has just gone into my diary and will be on 25 February 2022 at Alexandra Waylett’s studio at Mark’s Tey, Colchester. You can book it here.

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