Fragments Book

I have just received my new Fragments book from the printer and it is now available in my shop.

I was to have had an exhibition of the body of work contained in this book last year but the pandemic happened it didn’t take place. So, since Christmas I have been putting together a book so that I can show it to you in another form.

Fragments is a response to diverse recollections of my experience of walking the coast, both during the day and at night. I have created word-sketches, drawings, 2-D and 3-D textile works that explore evidence of natural phenomena and the continuous, and often infinitesimal processes of change that transform the landscape and the objects in it.

The book has a short written essay about the work and my thoughts behind it, photographs and the words that inspired each piece.

The book is 200 x 200 x 7 mm, has a soft cover and 58 pages with full colour photographs.

8 thoughts on “Fragments Book

  1. Peggy McBride

    Thrilled to get your new book! I had a similar issue last year… opened my first solo show, had a reception then everything closed! Trying to learn how to use my new camera so I can document the work.
    I really enjoyed the pocket class with In Stitches! My first zoom class too and it felt comfortable AND inspiring ! Thank you for sharing. Your video by the way—the artful way you shot it and your incredible Studio is stuck in my brain! It was a great addition to the course and I appreciate you letting us see inside your space with your creations & curiosities.
    I look forward to seeing your book!

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Hi Peggy, Thank you! The video was my first attempt but it gave the impression I wanted so that’s good. It was great to meet you and your book is on its way.


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