Out in the open air

Recently I have been re-reading books, that in the past, have been helpful in contextualising and backing up my practice. I am currently trying to ‘place’ the work I am doing at the moment and for some reason the reading isn’t helping.


The solution, as is often the case, is to get out into the open and to feel the air, walk on the ground and to mingle with them.

‘in this mingling, as we live and breathe, the wind, light, and moisture of the sky bind with the substances of the earth in the continual forging of a way through the tangle of lifelines that comprise the land’. Tim Ingold, Being Alive


To experience the landscape first hand is, for me, always the starting point. It is the place where you can let your senses and your imagination wander – to find something inside of you where there was nothing before and to find what you were searching for.


Reading certainly has its place, but at the moment going out, looking, hearing and touching the landscape and then responding to those experiences moves me forward in a more fulfilling way.


These were watercolours done in the studio immediately after a sustaining and refreshing walk.


6 thoughts on “Out in the open air

  1. olganorris

    I believe that art is largely an expression of the artist, an expression which is its own language. And therefore not always understood within the contexts of other languages – sometimes not initially understood even by the artist. Instinct and spontaneity are desirable starting points for expression, and life itself is vital for triggering expression. From everything that I have seen of your work it is obvious that the fresh air, the sea, the sounds, the interaction between the elements are what stir your responses. Go with the flow, as these immediate responses attest.

  2. Evelyn

    Beautiful abstract watercolours Debbie – they are fresh, vibrant interpretations of the landscape that surrounds you. And I love the colours you’ve used. Very inspiring work…

  3. Sue Czapska

    Hi Debbie, these make me think of music with their rhythms, and a little bit of Mondrian with the element of balance and colour as energy.


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