A blue sky day!

Although I had several things I (probably) should be getting on with it seemed a great shame not to put my boots on and go out for a walk.


I chose a favourite route at Holkham that takes the path through the pines behind the beach to Gun Hill and then onto the sand and back along the water’s edge.


When I’m out walking I never know what will catch my eye and this time, inspired by the tall, straight pines, I found myself searching out similar lines. Dried willow herb …..


and marram grass rise up above the sand dunes and dance gently in the breeze.


The sun is quite low in the sky at this time of year and so there are great shadows. In sand ripples created by the recent ebbing tide ….


and in a beach river that drains out into the sea.

P1000346 copy

Soft waves make lacy patterns ….


and more dynamic lines,


and the reflection of the sun in the wet sand makes a dramatic positive/negative as a wavelet draws out.


The pines and another beach river create strong parallel lines,

P1000357 copy

and I couldn’t resist poking a few razor shells into the sand to make a set of vertical lines.


Finally, a small wave is thrown into relief by a larger one behind creating a long straight line between the two.

Not a bad morning!

8 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Wendy Stagg

    A woman after my own heart. I thought it was me! Holkham is perfect and I love the walk from Cley to Blakeney Point and wading across the channel if the tides are right. Keep doing it.

  2. Julie Mackinder

    We were in Wells last week but didn’t make it to Holkham. Maybe next time. We enjoyed your artwork on the art trail. I like your line of razor shells. At first I thought the razor shells were a fence. Love the shadows.

  3. Jill Mundy

    That’s an amazing photo of the wave! I was in Cornwall last week finding similar lines…hoping to be inspired by them when I have time.

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