Burnham Overy Staithe walk – drawing and collage

Last time I showed you photos taken on a walk to Burnham Overy Staithe and today I am showing you some drawings and the work that came from them.

As always, I document what I notice about the conditions on that particular day and on that day I wrote in my sketchbook:

The sky and sea reflect each other.

There is so much light.

The land is in relief against it – a dark, almost featureless mass.

Shape – light – dark.


It was a grey day and the tide was out. Huge expanses of wet, shimmering mud were exposed and were reflecting the light from the sky so that a pale grey light almost totally filled my view. If I squinted, half closing my eyes, the overall impression was of dark land silhouetted against the pale sky and mud.


My interest was not the detail but in the sinuous, muddy shapes formed by small channels and creeks that cut the marsh with ebbing and flowing tides.


I looked at the light, the dark and the in-between tones.


In the foreground a scribble describes the chaotic, abundance of late summer wild flowers and plants.


These collages have been made in response to the drawings. They evoke the light of the mud and sky and the heavy, dark shape of the marsh on that day. The colour is subdued and there is just enough detail to suggest the natural rhythms of the aural and visual landscape. Each collage is 20 x 40cms, mounted on 18mm board and has a waxed linen ‘frame’.

P1040424 web

P1040423 web

P1040433 web

P1040435 web

P1040429 web

P1040427 web

These collages will be exhibited at the Cranleigh Arts Centre, 1 High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8AS, from  5-16 September as part of The Makers’ Art 2017, The Society of Designer Craftsmen, North Surrey Group. The exhibition is open from 10am – 4.30pm and entry is free.

18 thoughts on “Burnham Overy Staithe walk – drawing and collage

  1. Marian Roberts

    Really liking this development of work from your sketches Debbie. What materials have you used for the collages. Also would love to attend a workshop. Do you think you will do one in Norfolk at all.

  2. Mary Lee

    Love these as well! I too would love to know what materials you used in these collages…fabric? ink? thank you!!

  3. chyfey

    So loving the finished pieces the colours may be subdue but oh so dramatic .While I may not be feeling the mud between my toes I can smell it on the wind.

  4. Linda Robinson

    Cor, you soon crack on with the next project . I love the bisecting lines both straight and curved that cross your work , makes me feel as though I’m looking through the dying and drying late Summer foliage to the mud and sea beyond .

  5. elenor

    It’s always a treat to get your new posts in my mailbox. I thought I should tell you this and say thanks.
    I love your new collages and enjoy seeing the development from your sketches to the finished work.


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