Thank you

It’s been a week since the end of the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching show and I have taken the time to ponder how things went. It was exhausting but exhilarating!


By working alone in my studio and spending so much time and mental energy in creating, and making a new body of work, it was with great trepidation that I allowed my work (and by default myself) to be open to public scrutiny. Although I show you things here, it is a different matter to put the actual work up on the wall and to have to stand in front of it in person. I needn’t have worried. Thank-you to everyone who came and spoke to me. I was touched by your positive reactions and I really enjoyed talking about my work and your work and hearing your recollections of the North Norfolk coastline.




For those of you who wanted to buy my Moments of Being book when I had run out  of stock on Sunday afternoon – I have received another batch from the printer and it will be available in my shop in the next couple of days.

Moments of Being book

The most frequent question throughout the week was what next? Well I still have the Harrogate Knit and Stitch to consider –  but after that I think it will involve this magnificent beast that I acquired a few months ago!



8 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Dominique

    Your name has come to my attention twice recently. Once from a friend who has done a workshop with you and secondly from Mandy Pattullo’s book which I purchased yesterday. I chose to visit the Festival of Quilts this year and so missed your exhibition.
    Having seen this blog now, I wish I had been able to see your work on display.
    I live in Norwich, so I am very familiar with North Norfolk, I also lived in Thames Ditton for many years.
    I would like to say I find your work refreshing and interesting…..I’ll have to go up to North Norfolk again soon and see what I can find!


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