A week of documenting: Cornwall – Day 7

Day 7: The Lizard Point and Kynance Cove


I write one word in capital letters in my sketchbook – GEOLOGY?

I don’t know enough about this subject, but all week I have been looking at, climbing over and collecting rock and stones and I need to find out more.


Rock formations – Lizard Point

The one thing I know about the Lizard Peninsula is that it is made up of serpentine rock. My grandmother had a serpentine lighthouse on the windowsill and similar can still be bought today from a man who carves and polishes the stone in a beautifully painted, white, wooden hut at the southerly most tip of England. The stone has a greenish or red mottled hue and my book The Pebbles on the Beach by Clarence Ellis tells me that the pebbles are ‘usually ovoids and they possess a wax-like lustre. To touch them after the removal of their coating is to become aware of a sensation that can best be described as caressing.’   Of course I know this for myself because at Kynance Cove I couldn’t resist picking up a beautifully striped green ovoid pebble of my own to take home.


Rocks at Kynanace Cove  (waves, roar, hot sun)      


2 thoughts on “A week of documenting: Cornwall – Day 7

  1. Maureen Craker formerly Lyddon.

    Hi.Debbie I’m intrigued after seeing your name and that you live in Cornwall. I have never found anyone other than relative living in Tyneside. My maiden name was Maureen Lyddon and my father’s family came up to Newcastle in 1800s leaving Cornish mines for shipbuilding and mining in Newcastle. I am so thrilled to see my surname still in Cornwall.

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Hi Maureen, I don’t actually live in Cornwall I’m afraid but in Norfolk! I think you may have caught the posts I did from Cornwall when on holiday. Lovely to meet another Lyddon though! D.


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