A week of documenting: Cornwall – Day 2

Day 2: Prussia Cove 


Spring Squill

We do a walk high on the cliffs above the sea. The sun is bright and small U’s sparkle across the deep blue water.

I am amazed by the colour and sheer number of wildflowers that carpet almost every available bit of ground. They are burgeoning up through grass and clinging to crevices in the rocks. I note down what I see:

Thrift or Sea Pinks

Campion – red and white or bladder


Scarlett Pimpernel

Wild Garlic







A tiny blue starred flower (Sprig Squill)

A long, thin stalk with red grass-like flower (Sorrel)

Scabious – tiny blue version (Devilsbit Scabious)

Pendulous white bells with a triangular stalk (Three-cornered Leek)

Later in the week I add the names of the last four flower descriptions as the coastguard at Cape Cornwall tells me their names.


Bladder Campion


Thrift or Sea Pink


2 thoughts on “A week of documenting: Cornwall – Day 2

  1. Cath Stonard

    Such a wonderful thing to do. I find that making small sketches or drawings when away, nudges my memory of that particular day in a way that just writing a diary doesn’t quite achieve. Maybe the ‘looking’ is leaving a more visual record?

  2. carole collingwood

    beautiful flower paintings. You have inspired me to document the wild flowers in my garden.


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