Blue and white cloth


It is almost the perfect day for me here today. Bright sunshine gives warmth (no coat!), the sharp north-easterly wind is fresh (bordering on chilly) and I can smell the ozone in the air. I’m up early and feeling energetic so I decide to walk to the beach to sea dip the cloth that I finished sewing last week.


This is the fifth cloth that I have made in this series. I am reasonably happy with this one at the moment although I’ll have to see what it looks like when the sea has done its job and rusted the sewn iron rings. Some of the rings have been waxed so the stitching will resist the rust staining others will go quite brown/orange. I think I might salt it as well – the embedded salt crystals will give a subtle sparkle to the pale coloured cloth.


I decide to wait until high tide to dip the cloth. Although I like the extremes of the tide (and there is more significance to putting the cloth in the water at a known point in time), the main reason for doing it when the tide is right up is a practical one – at high tide the water has covered the muddy areas and by using a sandy part of the beach I can prevent the light coloured linen from becoming too dirty.



Although it looks hot, the North Sea was jolly cold – toe-numbing but definitely bracing!


3 thoughts on “Blue and white cloth

  1. Lois Morgan

    Very beautiful…I too live beside a beach in New Zealand and can relate to the work you do. Driftwood, rusty things, found objects, are things I connect with in my own work.


  2. Sue Roberts

    Beautiful. Love your work. What are your thoughts about the inevitable change that the salt/rusting will make? I use photographs in my work and find viewers repeatedly ask about the longevity of them!


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