Slow progress

Do you ever feel as if you have been beavering away with nothing to show for it? That is how I am feeling at the moment. I have been working on a large piece for about three weeks now and things are definitely moving forwards but it is very slow progress.


The cloth is for the Knitting and Stitching show where I  have a gallery in the autumn. It is the fourth in the series (I expect to make at least two more) and at 2.75 x 1.50m it is the largest so far. The cloth will hang doubled over so the actual dimension of the cloth is 2.75 x  3m.

I am pulling out the weft threads of a medium weave linen – a technique I have used before – and on this cloth there is more hole than cloth ….. an awful lot of threads to snip and pull out. It has taken me over two weeks to do one half, but yesterday I finished and could hang it up, look at it and then paint it. It is presently drying in the garage which in the damp, cold weather we are having at the moment is taking time. Normally I’d show you a picture but the light in there is poor so the photo above is of my sample.

Today, while I’ve been waiting for paint to dry, I thought I’d get on with something that takes a bit less time, gives me something immediate to show for my efforts and is useful …. 3 teaching samples for my colour/collage workshop.


Here are my sketchbook and finished samples…..


with holed wax and stitch,


loops and an eyelet,


french knots,


and more loops.

However, sometimes things don’t go to plan. I cut up the third collage because I didn’t like it ….


and this is all that’s left!

Tomorrow my big cloth should be dry and I can start on the next stage. I had hoped the whole thing would be finished by Easter but I think that is wishful thinking. I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. debbie.weaver

    I feel like that quite often, especially when weaving a long pice when most of it is rolled up so you can’t see what you have done and can’t see the end either. This piece looks worth the wait though, very exciting. Love the samples as well, your cloth always looks very stiff and hard to stitch. Which workshop is this?


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