The Archive Project

Yesterday I spent the day helping to put up an exhibition, The Archive Project’, at Haslemere Educational Museum. The Archive Project originates from an idea conceived by four artists using textile and mixed media: Mary Morris, Debbie Lyddon, Poppy Szaybo and Denise Jones. Thoughts about collecting, selecting, ordering and classifying have been collaboratively discussed and explored for this project, and are evidenced in this first exhibition of their work.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition.





The statement of my work says:

‘Looking around the museum I was attracted to the Natural History collection and in particular the coral and shells. I particularly liked the sign next to the Razor Shells (Ensis Siliqua) that tells us that these creatures ‘burrow in the sand’. This prompted me to look more closely at the objects I find lying around as I walk on the beaches of the North Norfolk coast (many of which are indeed buried in the sand). I have created two series of work for this exhibition: one is based on a real collection and one is imaginary.’

I am pleased with the work (titled Liminal Objects) as it sits simply on the table. Enclosed in acrylic boxes and placed on sand I think together they look a bit like a scientific collection.






You can look at and read my Journal and Sketchbook that I documented earlier in the year here on the blog.

More information on the other artists can be found here.


4 thoughts on “The Archive Project

  1. debbie.weaver

    Your work looks exquisite and I love the way you have displayed it. I followed your link and all the work looks extremely interesting.
    Do you mind me asking where you got your boxes from? I am having an exhibition later in the year with a couple of friends called Shoreline and we would like to exhibit some of our collections which would not actually be for sale.
    I hope your exhibition goes well and if I do end up at that end of the country will definitely try and see it.


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