A sunny day. A walk at Cley starting at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust visitor centre and then out across the marsh, along the beach and back along the East bank.


There are hundreds of geese on the marsh which for some reason suddenly take off and fill the air with their chattering.


On the beach the tide is out. It is probably as far out as I have ever seen it go – the tidal range on this part of the coast is quite small and often it is hard to tell the state of the tide.


Half way along the section of beach we are walking I see regularly spaced posts sticking up out of the sand. I haven’t seen them before – I don’t know why not.



I love the way that some of the larger posts have pebbles caught in the cracks. I wonder how often the force of the tide wrenches them out and replaces them in a different order?




This must have been a man-made structure, possibly a jetty or some sort of sea defence. There are the remains of brick buildings buried in the sand and they could be connected to these …. I’ll have to find out.



Walking back along the dyke the sun is dazzling and it lights up the frothy tops of the reeds. They whisper as they move gently in the wind.

Back at the visitor centre we have an excellent cup of coffee …. perfect!



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