A week of collecting – Day 2

Day 2: Holed Wood – Holkham Beach


Small pieces of sea worn wood are scattered along the strandline at the top of the beach; they are sodden and black and look like coal. I am attracted to the bits with small holes in and I manage to find several in a short space of time. Each one is between 7 and 10 cm long.

These smooth fragments are bits of tree and the holes have been made where knots left by tiny branches have fallen out. They may have come from the pines that back this section of the coastline, but I like to think that these are small splinters from the sunken forest that lies submerged just off the Norfolk coast. I can’t imagine how long they have been in the water before being stranded ashore but their possible history makes them magical. When you pick up these dark, dark fragments they are flexible and still heavy with water but as they dry they will lighten in colour and weight and become very brittle.


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