Happy Christmas

Christmas always feels like the end of the year to me even though afterwards there is still another week. I set myself deadlines – work that has to be achieved by a certain time – and Christmas feels like the biggest deadline of them all. However I have just finished my ‘set’ tasks, so now I can allow myself to put everything away and relax until the New Year (did I say relax? Cooking, wrapping presents, tidying up, washing ….. it still goes on, only more so!).

The work I have just finished forms just a small part of several projects and exhibitions that I have to look forward to next year – it is going to be busy. Some of the work I have already finished, some has been conceived and I have started making it but there is still a lot of thinking and making to do. It is very exciting.

Here is a taste of what I have been doing recently:




Holed Cloth being washed around in the sea – the second of three dips to rust the wire eyelets. This is the second of several cloths.



Liminal Objects – these tiny works have been soaked in saltwater for a couple of weeks.




A particularly calm day on Wells beach.

There will be more on everything next year as things get finished and ready to show.

Happy Christmas!


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