In which I feel lost but come up with a plan

I’m feeling rather reluctant at the moment to show you things! I’m working on several ideas but nothing seems to be resolving itself into finished work at the moment. This happens. When I’m in ‘nothing is working’ mode sometimes the best thing is not to think but to just make what feels right. I firmly believe you can overthink and often it is only when the work is made that the ideas and the objects can be joined together to make a whole. I often remember Terry Frost who said that the thinking happens before and after the making. When actually making (or in his case painting) it is all about putting materials together – not concepts.


For the past weeks (or indeed months) sewn eyelets are what seem to be right for me and I’ve made quite a few small cloths in an attempt to feel my way. I hadn’t looked at them for three or four weeks as I’ve been busy doing other things, but this morning I got them out and they seem to be a lot better than I remembered! I feel reinvigorated as suddenly I can see potential.


On the whole the things I want to make are not direct representations of landscape or place. They are ambiguous objects that are inspired by a huge number of experiences and memories that are the result of being in the environment. Textures, sounds, objects and happenings all come into play and sometimes it is a puzzle to pin everything down to the what, where, when and how.


For these works however I do know that I am interested in the physical qualities of the cloth – the actual cloth used, its colour, scale and the processes used to make it into its final realisation, rather than using it as a surface for an image or narrative.




For now the plan is to keep going down this route and see what happens …

8 thoughts on “In which I feel lost but come up with a plan

  1. Joan McQuillan

    LoveD the new work especially the colour combinations and withdrawn threads interacting with each other. Keep going as you said most of the work is done before and throughout the stitching process. Can’t wait to see the next pieces.

  2. Debbie Pawle

    I am going through a phase like this at the moment and have had a lot of support from other bloggers, it sounds as if you are finding a way through and judging by the images the results are going to be extraordinary. I hope your plan comes through for you.

  3. Kimberly Becker

    Thank you. I am very much in a similar place with my own work and need to step away from overthinking- trying to create a “message” where there may not need to be one yet. It will come with the work- not before it. The image of the white cloth with three grommets sings, btw!

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