Boats, bits and covers

I went out the other day to draw …. but my sketchbook remained firmly in my bag and I came home with a load of photos instead. I never know what is going to catch my eye when I’m out and about and this time I was seduced by the covers and fixings on the boats pulled up on the bank of the creek.  As I’m interested in how cloth is used in a coastal environment, the way in which this paraphernalia is used in conjunction with it is always an inspiration for my work.

An interesting looped fixing.


Some good knots.




A shiny shackle and several ‘joining’ methods.


A good thick rope and some lacing.


A furled sail with zig-zag stitching.


Fancy studs (I like the verdigris and the imprints).


And finally rust ….

P1020176P1020178 P1020180

and a few masts!



2 thoughts on “Boats, bits and covers

  1. shemann

    how interesting, even though I live near Lake Erie, I don’t get a chance to observe boats up close, love the knots, would be fun to learn how to make them- love the different shapes they make, the twisting and turning, thank you for sharing!


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