Holey Words


I’ve been thinking about different types of holes  – how they are made? what they do? what do they say? My first port of call is always a thesaurus. Here are the words that caught my eye.

Opening: Gap, Lacuna, Aperture, Split, Crack, Leak, Hollow, Cavity, Pocket

Perforation: Piercing, Puncture, Borehole, Pinhole, Eyelet

Orifice: Pore, Nostril, Embouchure,

Window: Porthole, Peephole, Squint

Doorway: Threshold, Scuttle

Open Space: Clearing, View

Tunnel: Oesophagus, Vent hole

Perforator: Borer, Gimlet, Wimble, Drill, Stiletto

Expose: Gape

Perforate: Riddle

Porus: Permeate

Open: Unfold, Bare, Unrip, Force Open, Rip, Tear, Separate, Unclench

Pierce: Lance, Poke, Pepper, Punch, Drain, Penetrate

P1220963 P1220961 P1220965

The photos are of a Work in Progress (just started). These holes are defined and precise but are they eyelets to squint through or a filter to let sound through?

2 thoughts on “Holey Words

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Thanks for the link to Libby Scarlett’s book Olga. I hadn’t come across her work before and I find my fingers wanting to be able to turn the pages and discover what lies beneath. Intriguing!


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