Sound Pots

It is wonderful when something you have to do coincides with something you want to do and this has just happened with a Studio 21 short project. The brief was to make something with a sewing machine, from any material and that is capable of making a repetitive sound. Well, this of course is right up my street.

Having spent the whole of last summer making Aeolian Pipes that sounded in the wind (look for the Aeolian Pipes and Air-Songs Booklet link in the righthand sidebar to read all about them), I have been considering making a series of works that will sound when they are picked up and touched. The Studio 21 brief has given me the impetus to start.

This is the first pot ….



P1220856…. it starts with a rough, low, grating as you run your fingernails slowly up the lower seams and then the pitch rises at the end to add a full stop to the sound. It reminds me of the rhythmical creaking of wood on wood as boats are gently pushed up to a jetty by rising and falling waves.


2 thoughts on “Sound Pots

  1. alisonhird2013

    What a wonderful idea. Have just bought a cd featuring an aeoian harp. I just happened to hear Evelyn Glennie on radio this moring. She makes music out of a vast array of things and think she is one of the most interesting musicians of our time – so good she has won an award. Enjoyed the colour workshop very much and cant wait to do some more experiments. – Alison


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