3 black drawings

I have known for a long time how important drawing is to my practice and I also know that I tend to scribble things down in a rather inconsequential manner on scrappy bits of paper. Consequently I’m on a drive to do more drawing and to actually produce something worthwhile – something that works in it’s own right but that could also open up ways to extend my textile practice.

Some of you may have noticed some photos of etching plates popping up in my instagram feed in the sidebar. Printing is something I’ve dabbled in before – on my MA and other courses – but now I feel the time is right to set to and really understand the process so that I can begin to make the medium my own. I’m at the beginning, but I’m really enjoying the slow process of building up tonal layers on the metal plates.

Here are 3 drawings. They are studies or formative ideas for possible aquatint prints. I’m using my pen to get my mind around the layering process required.To stop out with varnish and dip in acid  again and again to produce light to dark tones. They are of course images of the saltmarshes in North Norfolk and are quite small – approx. 15×10 cms.

P1220715 P1220716 P1220718

It may be a while before I’ve got a finished print, but I’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “3 black drawings

  1. susanmchapman

    looking good so far, I did a load of etching on my MA too but won’t continue because I can’t do it in my studio at home… but it was good fun …. I think I shall keep down the collograph route ..hope to see you next week.

  2. velma bolyard

    good pieces. i thought they were quite large, and was surprised when i read of their modest size. they have a bigness to them. i’m thinking they will translate well into prints.

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