It’s always interesting to make something that’s out of the scope of your own practice. As a member of a group that usually sets a brief for their exhibitions I relish the opportunity to get my teeth into something different. The textile group Studio 21 have an exhibition coming up in the autumn that is inspired by ‘the sewing machine’ – The Sewing Machine Project. We started by pulling apart some old machines, looking at their mechanics and drawing, painting, rubbing and generally getting to know the bits you don’t normally see. The project has developed and many of the members are now looking at the social and historical implications of the sewing machine. It is very interesting and I’ll write about this more as my ideas develop.


For now here is a tiny new work made for the project. The brief was to make something which had the dimensions of less than 20x20cms, was blue and made of cloth. It was to use machine stitching only. I have called it Seam  (I think even small work should be titled). It may well be the first of several ‘seamed’ pieces as I think I am moving in the direction of cutting, piecing and seaming.




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