Winter trees, Winter Sea

Another walk. This time to Golden Cap, Dorset. The last time I was here it was summer and the sky and sea were a rich, deep blue. This time it’s early morning and grey. It’s totally still and there is no wind to blow away the low cloud and early morning mist. Surprisingly there is no birdsong and the only sound is the hum of distant traffic.


The bones of the trees are highlighted against the white sky.




Small bursts of colour are dotted here and there to provide much needed relief to the brown/grey palette.


Through the trees and undergrowth the sea comes into view. In the morning haze the horizon has disappeared – sea and sky merge into one homogenous, vertical plane – a flattened wall of blue/grey that hides the distant view from the place where we stand.


On top of Golden Cap, the highest point in Dorset, there is more light. The windswept trees stand exposed, 


as a break in the clouds appears above the gorse.


The thrift is motionless at the edge of the cliff,


and the curve of the shore disappears into the distance.


We walk down to the beach and as I look out across the flat water I realise that the weather is clearing and the horizon has reappeared.



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