Material love

Last week I called in at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the way back from dropping my son at Durham University. In the Underground Gallery is an exhibition by the American artist Ursula von Rydingsvard. She is mainly known for huge, weighty sculptures that she constructs and out of cedar posts. She uses an electric saw to shape and mark the wood – these are not delicate objects but bold and masculine …. they have presence.


They had qualities that I admired, like the way the light caught their multi-faceted surface,


and the way she marks the wood with paint,


and I loved this laminated, cedar circle.


But it was the small, experimental works that I really liked.


She has uses any material to hand – wire, abaca paper, sheeps wool, wax, mud and hair ….


IMG_0814 IMG_0813 IMG_0812

…. yummy!

Sorry if the photos are a bit grainy – I only had my phone on me.


7 thoughts on “Material love

  1. Glenda Gerrard

    I was at the Sculpture park a couple of weeks back. We hoped to see the crystals room but it was shut! I wasn’t too keen when I saw Ursulas monoliths, but I really took to her textured cedar wood smaller pieces and especially the textiles . The things you took photos of as well in fact!

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      I was hoping to see the copper sulphate as well- but sadly it wasn’t open and it’s too far away for me to go back to. Nevermind there’s a mini crystal sculpture at Tate modern for the time being! D x

  2. sara

    Debbie–Fascinating and interesting to see an exhibit I have no chance of visiting. I would like to know how the small experimental pieces were “hung”. I do this sort of thing and I find it difficult to figure out how to “hang” them. I prefer to just nail them to the wall, but that is not always possible.


    What great images Deb. Thanks for sharing them. I hope they are on your phone/camera so I can see them again tomorrow.

    Hugs Carol


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