I should have started making these collages months ago but somehow other things have been occupying my mind – my heart wasn’t really in it. However, the Landmark Art Fair, Teddington is coming up very soon and so out of necessity I have locked myself away this week to make a start on them. Luckily I’ve made fair progress and have really enjoyed the process.


The collages are created intuitively. They are images of Norfolk that come from my memory: the shape of a bend in the creek, the rocking of moored boats or the outline of the saltmarsh. They are all about shape and colour and the negative space is important. I make them from bits pulled out of my big bag of odds and ends (mainly unfinished work, discarded work and left-overs) and specially painted paper and cloth. It is rather like doing a puzzle. I move shapes and colours around until they suddenly jump into the right place – what Sandra Blow calls that ‘startling rightness’.


There are still quite a few to go as I have a biggish stand to fill … I’ll let you know how I get on!

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