I’ve started this post and I’m not really sure what I’m going to say! I’m back in Surrey now after eight fantastic weeks on the North Norfolk coast and I suppose I’m thinking over what I’ve achieved or not achieved during that time. Time away gives me the opportunity to really immerse myself in the landscape – to notice, feel and experience. I often draw, walk, think and make …. ideas flow.


This year has been a bit different. I thought I would have a lot of time to myself – but no such chance! The summer has been about juggling family, friends and work. It has been about snatching moments to think, make and photograph, about finding the odd moment to try and do what I want to do. My making and recording has taken place alongside family life. On walks I’m often found walking 100m behind everyone else as I stop to look or do a quick sketch. My family are all very used to being asked to ‘hold this’ while I take a photograph and to ‘stand still’, ‘don’t get in the way’ and ‘don’t move’!  They are all useful extra hands and I was very pleased when my husband commented, ‘this is fun’ on one occasion when I had finally managed to get the Aeolian Pipes to sing out clearly. It was exciting, and yes, it was fun!


I thought I hadn’t done much work with so little concentrated time – but it’s amazing what can be done. Packing the car to come home I was glad that I had a roof box and no passengers. Materials that were packed flat on the way up were now 3-D objects and took up a lot more space!


Most of what I succeeded in making had already been thought through –  and I am really pleased that the main objective of the summer, to get the Aeolian Pipes to sing, was achieved. As for new ideas … I’m not sure. It takes time for things to go through your mind and to develop into something new. Mostly I find that new work is just an extension of what has gone before –  a gradual pushing forward. These incremental steps don’t aim towards a final goal but meander around a set of ideas, pulling in and discarding what is or isn’t needed. As I always say, ‘everything I do is about everything I do’. I’ll just have to wait and see how the past 8 weeks affects my work.



6 thoughts on “Review

  1. Judy Martin

    excellent post.
    Your thoughts about the creative process alongside family obligations rings true for many of us, especially in the summer season which is so short and quite intense. And those cloudy skies are gorgeous. Skies are on of my favourite immensities.


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