Gone with the wind

Well I suppose that it’s inevitable that when you are using a natural phenomenon like the wind as an essential part of your work that it will get the better of you one day.


I was trying to make the wind ‘whistle’ through the eyelets sewn into this Aeolian Kite.

The wind was strong. The kite was spinning round and round. The stainless steel wire fixing twisted tighter and tighter. I thought it would hold ….. but it didn’t.

In a flash it was off. Blown northwards, it cartwheeled towards the sea a mile away. I couldn’t catch it  ….  and then I lost sight of it.

It’s now washing around in the North Sea – perhaps one day it’ll turn up further down the coast and someone will wonder what it is.


4 thoughts on “Gone with the wind

  1. Jo

    Oh no – but maybe this is another layer to the story, and you will find it one day whilst beachcoming. What will it have become? Definitely a ‘free-spirit’ cloth!

  2. ersimarina

    Something like a message in a bottle, or maybe a piece of ‘lost art’ instead of ‘found art’. I’m sorry you lost it, it’s a beautiful idea and quite an impressive object.


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