Sounds of the beach


It has been blustery up here in Norfolk over the last couple of days. The tail end off Hurricane Bertha has lingered and we have been ‘blown through a hedge backwards’ (as my grandma would say) whilst walking along the beach. The wind gusts across the sands and a walk in these conditions is very noisy, especially if you are facing the direction in which it is blowing.

I started listening out for other sounds – my ears strangely sensitive as I had to strain to hear.

Underfoot – the crunch of razor shells (better keep your shoes on) ….


…. and the ripple of water in a sea river (take them off again!).


Above, seagulls screech as they battle against the wind ….


…. and a large kite whistles as it cuts the air.


A wind-break flogs slowly ….


….and the heavy thud of hooves is heard by your feet as the vibrations reverberate up through the sand.


All these sounds are accompanied by the rhythmical brushing of walking feet ….


…. the constant sea roar….


…. and of course the soughing of the wind.


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