The wind

A  really windy day at the beginning of the week gave me the opportunity to go down to the beach to try out some of the work I have been making recently. These pieces use the wind as a material to animate cloth either by filling it with air so that it almost breaths as the wind tugs at it….



…. or by making it sing or hum.


I have finally managed to make an Aeolian Pipe that sings with an eerie, breathless hum. The pitch rises and falls along the harmonic series as the wind strengthens and then drops – the sound is just what I was expecting. Now I will make a series of them to produce many, slightly different voices that intertwine and blend in the wind.



5 thoughts on “The wind

  1. Wendy Klotz

    I do wish I was there to hear the sound! Maybe you could record it and post it – especially after you have made your orchestra or is it your pipe organ or flock of flutes?!

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Hi Wendy, I love a flock of flutes – it sounds as if they should be rising up into the sky! I’ll put up a recording of the pipes in the future if I can work out the technology!


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