Tarpaulin: Double Cloth

A couple of months ago I made a new Tarpaulin Cloth.

Like the cloths I made for ‘Caught by the Tide’ earlier in the year this work considers the processes of change that can occur to cloth when exposed to the elements. I like to use the sea as a resource – it is another material available to me – so I put this cloth into the sea and then left it outside in the salty, coastal environment.

DSC_0872 web

The sewn wire eyelets rusted really well in the sea and the sea air, but I wanted more crustiness – a texture and surface on the cloth that looked used and that told a story of its time outside. So I have soaked it in saltwater as well and I’m really happy with the result. It has a subtle, crispy surface that isn’t obviously ‘salty’ and a pleasing stiffness to the whole cloth.


debbie lyddon tarpaulin double cloth detail web

debbie lyddon tarpaulin double cloth web

On a whim I entered it for the Fine Art Quilt Masters at the Festival of Quilts and guess what? I’ve been short-listed! So if you would like to see this Tarpaulin Double Cloth it will be on display at the New Designers exhibition, along with the other short-listed works, which is running at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London from 25-28 June or of course you can see it at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham from 7-10 August.




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