I have been revisiting some drawings I did a couple of years ago. I am doing a show in the autumn – its not for a while but time flies past and it is wise to get on top of things. I am doing something that I really enjoy – making more collages. These are visual, graphic and quite representational images of how I see the North Norfolk landscape.

I love the process. It starts with using up bits and pieces I have lying around (literally, as the bits are usually scattered all around my workroom – I’m rather slow at tidying up). As I get going I usually find that I’m using one material more than the others so I prepare more. I juggle colour and texture, arranging one shape next to another. I love the exciting but accidental things that can happen as I place the cut pieces onto the page – it’s playing. I’m trying to achieve a sense of light and a sense of depth on the flattened form of the page – it’s a way of expressing my impression and telling the story of how I experience place.

Here are some of the drawings that I made of  places around Wells that are the starting point for the collages.

P1180989 P1180988 P1180987 P1180986 P1180981 P1180982 P1180983 P1180984 P1180985


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