Taking a moment to read

This has been an odd week – for the first time in the last six months or so I haven’t made any work. Instead, I have been sorting out everything from the exhibition, finding somewhere to put it and packing it away.  I’ve also been delivering and posting Cloths, Waxed Pots and Soundmark Books to people who bought them and they should now all be installed in their new homes across the country.

I’ve had a small pile of books waiting to be read and at last I’ve had the time to sit down and take a look at them.


I’ve started with Peter Davidson, Distance and Memory which is  a memoir of a place. Set in Northern Scotland each essay is a reflection on art, place, history and landscape. I knew I was going to enjoy the book as I read on the first page.

‘(This book) began with a search through the miscellaneous pocket notebooks of thirty years for those half pages and flyleaves where I’d jotted down notations of the fall of light on a particular day, of words spoken or overheard that seemed worth recording. Many of these notations are about places – if I could draw they might have been sketches. As I gathered them together, a common intention began to emerge, an attempt to capture the moment, lost and yet preserved forever’.

I suppose that is what I am attempting to do when I make work – remembering and capturing a moment, notating it and then preserving it.


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