Caught by the Tide

Well – the week of the exhibition flew by and I can’t believe that it is all packed up and put away. It was wonderful to see so many people and to chat. Thank you so much if you popped in and an even bigger thank you to those of you who bought things. It feels like a big endorsement when people want to take home the things that I have made – thank you.


It felt like a great indulgence to hang a whole body of work in a gallery – to see how it works together, to look at it and to think about it. Experiencing everything in a white space took away the closeness of being with it and working on it in my studio – I found that in the end I wasn’t really seeing. Therefore it came as a bit of a shock to realise how sculptural everything had become. Of course I knew that I had been manipulating and constructing the cloth but it was only when I saw how cohesively the wall hung and 3-D pieces worked together that the penny really dropped!



I greatly appreciated all the conversations I had with people – seeing their reaction and understanding what they got from the work – it helps me to see more clearly when I get feedback. As artists we often work in isolation (I find a lot goes on in my mind that goes unexpressed) and having the opportunity to speak about the work out loud has made me simplify and refine my ideas –  to really get to grips with what I am aiming for.

Other people experience the work objectively and consequently offer a view that is not mine. Fellow textile artist Helen Terry has written a fantastic post on her blog about her reaction to Caught by the Tide. She has really understood what the work is all about and has expressed it very eloquently – read it here.






6 thoughts on “Caught by the Tide

  1. debbie.weaver

    Your show was amazing though a bit full of chattering people. I loved the work so evocative, especially the containers and salt encrusted pieces and the flotsam, well all of it actually and am very pleased with the small piece I bought. It reminds me of where I live which is on the Severn estuary and also has the channels in the sand or in our case mud.
    I was also pleased to be introduced to Helen Terry’s work which is also very beautiful.

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Thank you very much for coming Debbie – it was only after you had left and I saw your comment in the book that I recognised your name from our exchanges here. I hope that you enjoy the Waxed Pot …. I was thinking of muddy creeks when I chose the colour and the materials. Debbie

  2. Marian Roberts

    Hi Debbie, Love the images of your exhibition I do wish I could have visited it. I also liked Helen Terry’s comments which gave me a real feel of what it was about. North Norfolk is also my favourite place and I beachcomb there whenever I get the chance. Collecting making and printing with finds.
    Best wishes


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