Cloth Fragments

After the excitement of my holiday I have had to knuckle down to more mundane things and life has now been taken over by the last preparations for my solo exhibition, Caught by the Tide, which opens in 10 days time at the Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery, Rivington Street, London. However organised I think I am there are always (too many) things to do!  One of my final jobs has been to frame 8 small cloth fragments that are tiny versions of bigger cloths in the exhibition.

Each one is mounted on acid free card and placed in a box frame that is 29cm x 29cm. They will be for sale at the exhibition.


…. Waiting to be packed away ….

…. and a few close ups ….





…. right onwards …. labelling next!


4 thoughts on “Cloth Fragments

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Hi Wen, I’m afraid the SDC Gallery don’t do online sales and at the moment I don’t have an online shop either. However after the exhibition I will be putting up images of available works for sale on the blog gallery page. If you are interested anything please email me and I am sure we can work something out.


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