Happy New Year!

I am starting the New Year with one thing on my mind – my exhibition Caught by the Tide, which will be at the Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery, Rivington Street, London, from 3 – 8 March 2014. I am sure that between now and then it is all I’ll be talking about!

The work is almost finished which is just as well as I have a rather fantastic 2 week holiday booked in February (I probably won’t be able to resist doing one post on this later on even though it isn’t work related!). So there is a pressure on time that I am really beginning to feel and I know that the peripherals always take longer than expected – photography, publicity, hanging, packaging, labelling and countless other organisational tasks.

One job I was hoping  to get done over Christmas was photographing some of the work in situ on the beach. Well – the weather was definitely against me! Wind, rain, gales and heavier rain …. even when the sun came out the sharp, blustery wind persisted. Nevertheless out of adversity has come a good idea! Trying to stop things from blowing away meant anchoring them down and I used what was to hand – pebbles.

I have made quite a few small, waxed, cloth pots and was unhappy with how they felt in the hand –  too light and insubstantial – I always think that something with a bit of weight to it feels more pleasing. So I have decided to add some ballast to each pot. I like this idea as the hulls of traditionally built boats used to be carefully packed with stones to stop them from turning turtle in the water …. my pots should stay upright and even a strong wind shouldn’t blow them over!

Here are some photos of  a work in progress – a few unfinished and weighted pots that were being dunked into the sea to rust their wire rims. Remarkably the weather appears quite calm.







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