Small salt cloth

I have been on holiday in Italy for the past 10 days and I am now back, refreshed and rearing to go! Before I left I found the time (between setting up Chinese Whispers and packing) to sew 15 eyelets into linen, fold it as if it were a book and saturate it in salt water. It has been ‘cooking’ whilst I was away and it is nearly done – although it’s still a bit soggy in the middle and I will probably feed it a bit more so that it oozes.






This is the beginning of a new body of work that continues my exploration of materials and processes to express a sense of place. Again the work revolves around a coastal environment and the natural processes of change that occur there.  In this instance I am particularly interested in the sense of touch – How do we explore a place? How does it feel?  What do we remember of the touch sense after we have left? How can a small object make a haptic association to place?

I’m starting simply. I love holes – I like sticking my fingers into them to explore the inside. These small works will have holes – deep holes, big holes, little holes, a single hole or many holes – they will make you want to explore and touch them. If you do, you will have that wonderful salt residue that you often get after a day at the beach left on your fingers – if you lick them what do you remember?



3 thoughts on “Small salt cloth

  1. ersimarina

    It’s beautiful already in its early stages of exploration. And very tasty, mmm! I love the hole idea -and the whole idea. There are so many holes in life that we are scared to explore… One of the things I always like in your work is the delicate coexistence of the conceptual with the earthy and organic.

  2. debbie.weaver

    Oooh this sounds fascinating, love the images. I sadly didn’t make it to the Chinese Whispers exhibition due to the bad weather. It looked so interesting as well, did you have a catalogue and if so is it possible to purchase one?


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