Exhibition, workshops and new work

Textile group Studio 21 has an exhibition coming up that I will be participating in. Chinese Whispers at South Hill Arts Centre, Bracknell consists of work that continues the theme of ‘make work and pass it on’ that we started two years ago. Earlier this year we showed a selection of small, experimental pieces at the NEC, Birmingham that were a ‘work-in-progress’. The upcoming exhibition is the culmination of the collaboration and we will be showing larger 2-D and 3-D work.

Alongside the exhibition we will be running workshops in the gallery that are based on some of the collaborative techniques that the group used during this project. There will be two: one based on drawing and one on making. For details please look here. These should be great fun so please get in touch soon if you would like to do one as we are only running four.

The new work that I have recently made is 2-D and consists of 2 vertical pieces that hang side by side on the wall. It is based on a drawing I did at a Studio 21 meeting of a 3-D piece done by another member. I have made it into a small book.


Here is a detail of one of the pieces ….


…. more details in the next post!


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