Crackle slip bottle

I have bought a pot – I fell in love with the current  work of ceramicist Jane Wheeler as soon as I saw it at the Bircham Gallery in Holt, Norfolk. It was a heart fluttering ‘I’ve got to have one’ moment and I had great difficulty in choosing which!

These pots are made from heavily grogged (coarse) clay and have richly textured, oozing, pock-marked glazed surfaces which look as if they are about to crumble and flake off. The simple bottle shapes have become the medium for an experimentation in the materials and processes of clay and I love the results. They are rough, honest and tactile – a model for my own work.

P1160639 P1160640

I suppose my immediate reaction must have been partly due to the fact that the pots have been inspired by the beaches and salt marshes of Norfolk ….. indeed they remind me of the crusty, worn surfaces of the Folded Salt Cloths I made a while ago ….. and this one in particular.




It is so exciting when something fires your creative urge and Jane Wheeler’s pots have given me the impetus to revisit and perhaps re-work these folded salt pieces.



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