Walking along the beach my eyes scan the ground just in front of my feet.


Often different objects seem to spring out and catch my attention and I make that particular thing my ‘collection’ for the day …. small, white, quartz pebbles that look like pulled teeth, worn sea-glass that is dark green, light green and misty white (I’ve never managed to find rare blue sea-glass that comes from old Milk of Magnesia bottles), pieces of sea worn wood, and strangest of all what I think is worn plastic casing from wire cable. Where has the wire gone and why is there so much washed up on the beach? Why always short lengths? I wonder if it is detritus from the Sheringham Shoal wind-farm just off the coast?

I have made some waxed canvas pots to house my collections. The openings have been bound with large wire eyelets that have been rusted.

P1160294 P1160295 P1160296 P1160297 P1160299

4 thoughts on “Beachcombing

  1. Sharon McCartney

    Dear debbie:
    I am on the coast of Maine, about to do some collecting of my own. I’m doing a month long residency at an artist retreat, where I plan to work the objects I find on the rocky shore into some amulet pieces I have been making. I love the canvas baskets you are making. The canvas and rusted metal are perfect for receptacles that hold found objects. I have been making art around the idea of collecting for awhile now, and am fascinated by what people collect, and how they incorporate their collections into their lives and work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cate

    vary the proportions of the pots a little and you have an intriuging ‘craft shop’ product. I know that is not where you are heading, but the idea is very moreish especially with the pebbles in picture 4 – very resonant of place.

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Sharon and Cate, I have a few more of these waxed pots in the pipeline. I am making some big ones with hidden collections contained within them, they will be wall hung – more later! D.


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