Curlew river

I have been sorting through some of the photos from Reflective Space, the exhibition I had last month at The Crypt Gallery and thought I would show you a few of the details of the Curlew River drawings.

9 debbie lyddon  sound mark drawings curlew river

These drawings were inspired by a walk taken along one of many creeks on the North Norfolk coast. The purpose of the walk was to get a sound recording of a curlew. It was one of those frustrating occasions when nothing goes right! I’d hear a curlew, switch on the recorder, by which time its call had finished and the bird had flown off. I tried keeping the recording going …. nothing. Switch off and there it was again. Switch on again  …. nothing! This went on until the battery in the machine (which isn’t very good) ran out.

The drawings were made in response to the environment

muddy banks

moving water

soft breeze

curlews digging around in the mud in the distance

occasional bubbling call 

and titled after Benjamin Britten’s Parable for voices, Curlew River which I was listening to as I drew.








In this instance I showed the long drawings vertically and rolled up at the end. I was reacting to the space and wanted to echo the circular ‘hole’ that you can just see to the right of the first photo. Next time I might show them horizontally …..


3 thoughts on “Curlew river

  1. margaret

    I’m so annoyed to have missed your exhibition – the Crypt Gallery isn’t that far from where I live – ah well, next time… meanwhile it’s great to see your work on your blog.


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