Line and movement – or lack of it!

I’ve started making new work for the Studio 21 Chinese Whispers exhibition in the autumn. We have to make a 3-D piece based on drawings done during one of our monthly meetings. Each person has drawn/made marks to music. The drawings were then collected together and randomly handed out. This is the drawing I have decided to work from.


It is about line, movement, speed, repetition and variation of tone. I have tons of ideas ….

P1150764 P1150765 P1150766 P1150767 P1150768

… but at the moment nothing is speaking to me.

P1150780 P1150777 P1150770 P1150781

As you can see I have been concentrating on the edges of cut cloth – however it all seems too heavy and rigid …..and it lacks movement……. and speed? ….. at least the repetition is there! Oh dear – I’ll keep you updated!!


5 thoughts on “Line and movement – or lack of it!

  1. sherry leary

    Debbie, I enjoy your posts so much! The thing that popped into my mind was “open”…maybe somehow to open it up…allow some space? Thank-you for all the inspiration :)sml

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Thanks Sherry and Lindsay, my mind’s working in overdrive at the moment! More ‘openness’ is definitely needed in these pieces – I’m only at the beginning of this and I always work by producing loads of samples and ideas. Most don’t work …. but sometimes something does! Dx

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