Crypt Gallery Exhibition

How quickly time has gone! I have been thinking about work for this exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras Church, London for about a year. However organised I am it always seems to be a rush up to the last minute but nevertheless I have just about finished putting together a body of work that explores the notion of time: duration and change. It consists of cloths, drawings and objects

crypt flyer


The work explores the idea of holding phenomena that happen over time in one space and considers how they can be expressed as static, silent works.

I take a broad look at the notion of time and my investigations fall into two categories: 1. Duration – the measurement of time by counting; its sound, order and succession. 2. Change – the way materials or phenomena respond to a process or force and change over time.

These works continue an investigation into how I experience sight, sound and touch in my immediate environment and the perception of natural phenomena such as air, wind, water, light and sound.

I am in the process of photographing everything …. some photos to follow soon!



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