Chinese Whispers

On Wednesday I am going to Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC, Birmingham  (21-24 March, 9.30-17.30) to help set-up an exciting new exhibition for textile group Studio 21.

Chinese Whispers consists of new, collaborative work by Studio 21 and is based on the concept of ‘making work and passing it on’. The aim is to give each member a fresh creative impetus and to stimulate a collective method of working that leads to a cohesive and collaborative body of work. It has been a very enjoyable project to take part in!

We are showing small, exploratory ‘work-in progress’ pieces – the beginnings of the Chinese Whispers project – at the NEC. Larger works will be shown at another exhibition in the autumn.

The starting point was my Seeing Sound Workshop. The work made by each member of the group from this workshop was passed onto someone else who responded to it and then passed the response onto the next person. These pictures track the development of ideas as the small pieces of work were passed amongst members of the group and show the resulting unexpected and exciting outcomes.

Progression 1:
series 3a

series 3bseries 3cseries 3d3

Progression 2:

series 1a series 1b series 1c series 1d series 1e

 Do come and see us if you are in the area – I’ll be there all day Thursday.


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