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‘I have been walking on this beach for twenty years. In that time, our relationship has grown complex and intimate. It has become, as places can, an inner as well as an outer landscape, one I carry around in my head and explore in my imagination even when I’m far from home ….. I never tire of the coast because it’s never the same twice. The tides and the weather change its physical shape, and they bring different things to look at. There’s always something new.Perhaps if I had settled in a landscape of fells and lakes unchanged for thousands of years, my overriding sense of my environment – my apprehension of the natural world – would be of something solid, immutable, reliable, fixed. But this stretch of coast has an entirely different spirit. It’s all about change, shift and abiguity. It reinvents itself. It has a talent for concealment and revelation. Things turn up here;things go missing.’

From the preface of Strands A Year of DiscoveriesĀ on the Beach by Jean Sprackland

……. she has taken the words right out of my mouth!

2 thoughts on “Strands

  1. alicefoxtextiles

    Hi Debbie. I’m just about to finish reading Jean Sprackland’s book. I’m part way through ‘winter’ which seems appropriate. It’s a wonderful mix of things isn’t it? I went to see Polly Binns’ exhibition (Light and Line) in Barnsley at the weekend and found it very moving. I’ll write about it on my blog but haven’t processes it enough to do so yet… Hope the Mall exhibition goes well, I’m not doing it this year. Alice x

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Thanks Alice, Alot of the things Jean Sprackland writes about in her book resonate with my thinking and are things that I have also ‘noticed’ in my area. It is as you say a wonderful mix! I’m not sure if I am going to make it up to Barnsley to see Polly Binns’ work which is a blow. I would very much like to see her new work. Debbie x


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