Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling said, ‘architecture is music in space, like a frozen music’. This reveals a similarity in the processes of creation between music and architecture and this similarity could be extended to the making of art and dance. Most of the words below can be applied to each creative form.

Structure and composition ….

Movement, rhythm, dynamic, tone and colour ….

But what really interests me are the differences. Music, architecture and dance are temporal – they happen over time. Painting and sculpture are static – they can be seen (if not understood) at a glance. How can a notion of time (sound and music) be translated to a static medium?

Here are some of my sketchbook drawings/thinkings that consider how the time dimension could become a spatial  one….



One thought on “Timepieces

  1. Caroline Taylerson

    How strange that the conversation that we had on Saturday links into your thinking….I found that programme on Friday just so exciting and immediately thought of you.
    Friend I went out with yesterday (ex Prisum)) is interested in links and coincidences. I have forwarded your blog to her as we were discussing ideas and concepts caroline


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