Re-Presentation – Presentation

It is an ongoing struggle for me to define the different parts of my practice so that I can provide a clear explanation of what I do. I think the practice can be divided into two parts: Re-Presentations  and Presentations, but what do these words mean and how do they impact my work?

The collages I make (below) are Re-Presentations of a place that I know (the North Norfolk coast). I have been seeing, hearing and touching it for the past 20 years. These experiences have lodged themselves into my mind, been tossed around and come out the other end expressed as objects in material form. They are Re-Presentations, of my noticings, of things that have existed or still do exist.

Re- Presentation: Quay, Mixed media collage ( Inspired by memories of a walk along the quay at Wells-next-the Sea, Norfolk)

On the other hand, works like the Salt Wall (below) or the Time pieces I wrote about in the last post are Presentations of an idea. They are the result of my thinkings and ponderings. The works spring directly  from ideas and are not inspired by ‘things’ that exist in any  tangible, audible or visible form. These works come from my imagination (although of course my experiences feed my imagination) and their form is an abstract expression of those ideas.

Describing the difference between figurative and abstract art in his book Abstract Art, Mel Gooding expresses the notion that:

‘figurative works represent an image to the eye and abstract works represent an idea to the mind’

The Presentation of these works are for me a visual expression of an ‘idea of my mind’.

Presentation: Salt Wall, Painted and waxed linen, silver leaf, iron wire, salt (An exploration of change in the environment)

The trouble with definitions comes in the cross over between the two halves. At what point does a Presentation become a Re-Presentation and vice-versa …… ?


2 thoughts on “Re-Presentation – Presentation

  1. Caroline Taylerson

    Reaction to your blog….thoughts and ideas arrive as either a response to something and are then developed in the mind as a result of previous experience. As humans we have the need to express and develop these ideas in a creative way.. This expression can take a variety of forms which can be purely functional or in the case of an artist a way of making the ideas more tangable and communicating and sharing our reaction with others and hopefully as a way of enriching both ourselves and others.
    Sometimes I think emails just go into a black hole I’d like to think that this is not always the case! Caroline Taylerson

    1. debbielyddon Post author

      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Although this blog is form of personal notebook that records what I am doing and thinking, I do sometimes think that I am rambling on to myself! Occasional feedback is very welcome. Debbie


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