Holding time

Yesterday I wrote about a series of landscape works I am making based on the saltmarshes in Norfolk. Today I am writing about another project which is also based (loosely) on landscape but centres more on the experience of being in the environment …… how it feels and is heard, its rhythms and its repetitions. However my main concern is time and duration; both time spent by me and the time it takes phenomena such as sound to happen.  I am exploring how that can be expressed, simply, as a piece of 2-D or 3-D work that can be taken in and viewed in a moment.

These small pleated pieces represent a set length of time – a minute – 60 folds:60 seconds

Last week I went to see A Thousand Hours  – installations of pots by ceramicist Edmund de Waal. This beautiful, contemplative exhibition was full of repeated vessels – it was a ‘meditation on time’. De Waal writes:

‘A Thousand hours explores the notion of ‘holding’ a large amount of time in one space. Both the time it takes to make something and the time it takes to see something. All the installations in the exhibition, made over a long year at my wheel, are groups of porcelain vessels brought together to slow down time. They are my attempt to hold time in one space and one moment of stillness.’

Here is a response to this exhibition and my attempt to hold a set amount of time in one space. Each stitched piece took exactly one minute to sew – 60 pieces: 60 minutes.

This piece will hold a greater amount of time. I have only just started it – each red tag represents 30 minutes of making.

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