I haven’t posted for a while because of a mishap concerning a cup of coffee and my laptop ……… however I haven’t been sitting around but in fact have been rather busy!

Here is a shot of my studio wall.

I have several things on the go at the moment and each needs a different approach.

In the New Year I am showing work in the ‘Shop within the Show’ at Designer Crafts at the Mall (incidentally I have just be made a full member which I am very excited about!) and then later on in the year at the Landmark Contemporary Textiles Fair. This work is wallbased and framed. It is visual and (hopefully) saleable. It is landscape based (Norfolk of course) and whilst making I have been thinking about a Terry Frost quote from the book ‘Warm Frost’.

‘When I am painting I am not concerned with theory however much thinking I may have done before I started to paint. When I am really painting – no! I cannot describe that, for all I know is that as soon as I have been painting I have stopped. I am only concerened with what I am to do next. Thought for me is before and after but not at the time …….

…… when I make a painting it is with paint on a flat surface and belongs to itself. I has nothing to do with imitation or representation, though my ideas may be and usually are started by an experience of a human wandering, observing, questioning, worrying, trying to see the truth, trying to penetrate the mystery of life.’

Terry Frost: from an Arnolfini Gallery catalogue, 1965

I have written in my sketchbook  – ‘don’t think, just make and draw. The thinking has happened and will happen again …. remember the experience – use your eyes and work instinctively.’

These are small collages – approx. 12 x 12 cms unframed.

More tomorrow on the other stuff …….

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Steve Spencer

    Dear Debbie
    I really enjoyed looking at your work. I love the construction of the pieces and the palette you use.
    I look forward to following more of your work online.
    Thanks once again.
    Steve Spencer

  2. gloriannegarza1222

    I love these. How would you frame these to keep the organic frayed edges? I just finished stitching a 10x10ish shibori piece and want to showcase it in an organic way. Your work is wonderful.


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