Cross materials practice (part 1)

I have spent the past few days at West Dean College, Chichester, on the Cross Materials Practice  – wood, clay, textiles course. The tutors were Alice Kettle (textile), Helen Felcey (ceramic) and David Gates (wood). The aim of the week was to explore and experiment with all of these materials, to think about new ways of making, push boundaries and to develop a cross-disciplinary approach to these materials and techniques.

It was an intense few days and my mind is still buzzing and whirring – it will take a while for me to think about all the ideas, processes and techniques I encountered and to understand how they may affect my practice.

We started with drawing and some group mark-making using found tools….

 ….went on to learn some wood techniques – sawing, making holes and joining wood…

…..we made small stitched pieces that were dipped in porcelain slip and fired…

….. and were left to develop these techniques. I started to explore how wood and textile could be combined so that each material participated equally in the work.

Coming up next……the development of this work.


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