Book making workshop – Day 2

Yesterday I ran the second day of the book making workshop at Phoenix. We made a quarterbound hardback book with some of the marked papers from the previous session. It was another very  concentrated session and everyone worked very hard to make sure that the book was finished by the end of the day. There was a lot of brain teasing as we calculated measurements and carefully cut board and paper…….the  glue ended up mostly in the right places! The end result……..

…….can’t be shown today as the the books went straight into a press when finished to dry.  However, here are the covers just before the pages were stuck in to give a flavour of the finished article. I’ll post pictures of the finished books after the next meeting.

2 thoughts on “Book making workshop – Day 2

  1. jo coombes

    Great photos of a fun day – but what is all that glue doing on my fingers?! No wonder I had so much on my cover. You were a great teacher, and should do more. Jo x

  2. Lynne Butt

    Thanks so much for yesterday Debbie, I am really pleased with my book, it’s turned out so well!


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